OT: springtime_gen PSA

Just a quick announcement that the HP genfic exchange community springtime_gen is open for sign-ups until 27 January 2011. Their sign-up post is here.

Because there's never enough gen!

(There is obviously also not enough ownficfest, and your modling apologises for that! I might gauge interest for a repeat this year in late spring, but can't make a promise yet - there is a move and a period without internet in my future during summer, and I'll just have to see how things develop first...).
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Reveals and Masterlist

This is it! Thanks again to everybody who wrote fic and feedback and drabbles and recs – you were all wonderful and I hope you had fun with the fest. I know I did :).

And those of you who didn't manage to submit their fic in time, but are still working away on it - feel free to send the finished story to ownficfestmod@googlemail.com for crossposting. I'm sure nobody will complain about having one or the other fic to read later on ;).

But now - reveals!

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Congratulations to miss_morland, queen of the guessing poll with 7 correct guesses, closely followed by kellychambliss with 6!

Reveals Tomorrow

Ok, last call for guesses, drabbles, feedback-before-reveals and so on. Reveals will be posted tomorrow night, to give the Western Hemisphere lot the entire Sunday to wrap up :).

And let me just say thanks to everyone who participated in the Mini-Drabblethon. You're all too brilliant for words!

Free-for-All Mini-Giftathon :)

Now that ownficfest is concluded, we still have 8 participants who wrote a fic, but got nothing in return as a couple of people had to drop out. So let's run a Mini-Giftathon up to the reveals on November 8.

Prompts have been scaled down to characters/pairings and one or three words, which I hope will inspire you without giving away too much of the original story idea. If you can donate a drabble or ficlet or sketch, please do and tell your friends! Everybody can play, not just fest participants - if you've watched the fest, or just enjoy drabbling or sketching, jump right in!

Please post gifts as a comment to the post linked underneath your chosen prompt.

Obviously it'd be lovely if every one of the eight could have at least one giftlet to take home :).

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Note 1: If you're inspired by a prompt that appears more than once, please post for the recipient who's got the fewest gifts so far :). And yes, if you're drawn to the same prompt somebody else has already written/drawn, no problem.
Note 2: Your modling will be off for an extended weekend tomorrow, and might not have reliable internet access; back on Nov 3.