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ownficfest's Journal

Write Your Own Fic Fest
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Welcome to ownficfest,
the Harry Potter Exchange Community with a twist.

You write your own plot…
… for someone else!

ownficfest is now closed.
Our Masterlist of amazing fic can be found HERE!



Everything goes at ownficfest – from gen to smut, fluff to dark, all ratings welcome.

You sign up by submitting 3-4 (screened) prompts/plots that you've either already started to work on, or have been wanting to write for a long time. All prompts will then be mixed up and posted in an anonymous list like with your normal prompt-based fest.

In the second step, you pick 4 prompts (not your own, obviously) that you'd like to read.

You will then be assigned one of your own prompts that someone else wants to read, and voila – you can finally start on that story that's been on your mind for ages and give it as a gift at the same time.


RATINGS: All ratings from G to NC-17 are welcome.

AGE: You've got to be 18 to participate. Apologies to the younger crowd!

WARNINGS: Please warn for things like sex, kinks, disturbing content, violence, torture, AU-ness... you get the picture. All warnings will be hidden to avoid spoilers.

LENGTH: Try not to dip too far below 2000 words, ok? No upper limit, but keep things realistic - putting in a prompt for your 20-chapter novella may be a bit over-optimistic unless you're already three quarters done ;).

QUALITY: Fics must be spell-checked and beta-read – if you story has major grammar and/or composition flaws, it will be returned for revision.

SECRECY: Own fics or not, it's still a sekrit exchange ;). Please don't post your story anyplace else before the reveals. Also, don't submit any obvious sequels or stories that have already been posted in part online. Meme-type snippets are fine, of course.

SUBMITTING: Please send your completed works to ownficfestmod@googlemail.com. A header template will be provided closer to the deadline.


NO DROPOUTS! No, seriously, don't sign up unless you're sure you can deliver. The fest concept doesn't allow for pinch hitters, and you don't want to disappoint your recipient.

NO GIFT GUARANTEE! If people drop out despite our plea not to, there will be no gift. We'll commiserate with you, but on the upside, you'll still have written a fic you wanted to tackle for a long time.

BE AROUND FOR PICKING! Make sure you're around at one point between June 21-26 to pick the prompts you'd enjoy reading!


Sign-ups will begin on June 10, 2009 and end on June 20.

Prompts will be posted and open for picking by June 22; picking will close on June 27.

Participants will receive their assignments by July 1.

Deadline for completed fics is September 25, 2009, and posting will start on October 1.


Author's LJ Name: ownficfestmod
Author's Email: ownficfestmod@googlemail.com
I solemnly swear I am age 18 or older? (Yes/Yes) YES!
I've read and understood the rules? (Yes/Yes) YES!
I volunteer to pick late (completely voluntary!) (Yes/No) Not really.

PROMPT 1 (required)
Genre (Gen/Het/Slash?): gen with a touch of het
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sirius, Bellatrix
Expected Rating: R
Warnings:: violence, disturbing content
Short Description/Summary (keep it to 1-2 lines, please): When Sirius is being sent to Azkaban, his cousin is waiting for him to take him to task for betraying his family.

(please use when submitting your story)